Lead Guitars

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BillyV has been in the music business for over 32 yrs. playing/recording with bands on the west coast and east coast. XXX Records in Hollywood Ca 1986 to 1996 artists including, BodyCount, The Ultra's, Epperley, Lodestone, Deliverance.

"Projects I have worked on include Nat The Cat, Blowin Up LP on Ideal Records, 1738 Canyon Dr Hollywood CA 90028. The Executioner D-Roc, from Ice-T's BodyCount. Credited album for work submitted for the BodyCount Born Dead Lp/Rhyme Syndicate Records, North Lebrea Ave, Hollywood Ca. Virgin Records America, Inc. 338 N Foothill Rd Beverly Hills Ca. 90210. Beat Master V of BodyCount, Drum Beats Dope Fills The Global Good News Network, Los Angeles CA. Epperley self title LP on XXX Records, Los Angeles Ca. Lead guitars and show producer for Inablackout from 11-07 to 09-12, Ledyard Connecticut. Currently guitar's and show producer for the metal band Darkitecht, New London Ct."