the Bagman



Bagman About.jpg
As a Metal Vocalist, "The Bagman" though humble, is often regarded for his wide vocal range.

His ability to change styles and genre's has been one of his best asset's. Being In countless bands since the age of 15 and performing in both cover and original bands throughout the years. One goal has been steadfast. Finding a lineup of guys that have the same passion, desire and dedication when performing and creating music, that he does. After countless years of searching. He finally has.

Now currently bringing "Power" and "Dynamics" to an already Dynamic band know as Darkitecht.

"As long as people like what I do, I'll keep doing it. That's why I Live This; Love This; Even Bleed For This. I can't imagine what I'd do, If there wasn't Music in my life. Every Musician has had a broken heart at one time or another. We still keep doing it. Its what we are. It's A Self Affliction, A Sickness, An Addiction. With Only One Cure.. Music...METAL!!!"